Dear Mother and/or Father,

Glad you came to my website!

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy.

Hope you are doing well and the sweet baby in the belly.

I am currently expecting my 4th child, which will be born at the end of November, beginning of December.

So at the moment I won’t be teaching anymore until about the month of May.
I myself will take the time for my family, myself and our new son / daughter.

Would you like to follow a HypnoBirthing course? Then I can advise you the following;

You might find this website useful;

And it is an absolute must to have a conversation with the relevant teacher in order to be able to make a 100% correct choice.

The essence is that you really feel seen and carried.

It’s a once in a lifetime event. And of course you want to make a good investment.

Wish you a wonderful time and enjoy this special period.

Thanks again for the interest shown and perhaps see you next time.

With kind regards,

Karlijn Brouwer


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Thanks in advance for your interest and much discovery pleasure in the upcoming adventure of parenthood.



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