Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

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Maybe you hear exciting or intense stories about the birth and you start to worry about the pain or “losing control” during the birth of your baby? Or maybe you were inspired by a friend with such a beautiful birth experience and you think; I want that too!

Sounds familiar?

Imagine that you are provided with fine knowledge, simple and easy tools and techniques for an efficient birth process with confidence.

Now you feel calm, confident and ready for your birth and the start of the wonderful journey called parenthood.

Feels a lot better like that, right?

The good news is that Karlijn van Mooie Geboorte gives you and your partner all the tools and techniques you need.

The HypnoBirthing cursus at Mooie Geboorte is so much more than a “puff course”.

It is a life-changing birth preparation course that ultimately gives you and your partner a positive birth experience. It creates more certainty, strengthens your confidence, you respond better to your instincts and you can make beautiful choices for you and your child regardless of the situation.

This course goes beyond the “pain free” HypnoBirthing vision and also prepare well if things go differently.
That is why I will teach you how to get a “Beautiful Birth” for your child, so that you are well prepared, no matter what.

After this course, couples have a calm, confident feeling and look forward to the birth of their baby!

Participate in one of these courses and experience for yourself how great it is!


Karlijn Brouwer

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