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Not properly prepared to give birth is not just unnecessary and also not pleasant for your child, who is entitled to a good supported birth process.

You can best compare the birth of your child with a marathon. Both your body and your child must work hard to achieve this special transformation. And how are you going to prepare for this? Do you want to be good prepared for yourself and your baby ?

Whether you choose a natural birth, a birth with pain relief or you are going to have an induced birth or even cesarean section … the fact that you look around on this website means that you want to take matters into your own hands. And you can! Creating a birth based on knowledge, beter insight in your options and deep relaxation is the best you can give your child and yourself.

With the fine scientifically substantiated knowledge, tools and techniques you create that beautiful birth process yourself.

Do you want to know what HypnoBirthing with Mooie Geboorte (Beautiful Birth) can mean for you and your baby? Register for a Free Introduction.

Participation in this free introduction is best until around the 28th week of your pregnancy (see below what you can do if you are already in your pregnancy).