HypnoBirthing® is a philosophy as well as a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxed and stress-free birthing method. This special program teaches you, together with your partner, the art and joy of giving birth in a more comfortable way. You learn how you use the body’s natural relaxing substances and therefore reduce or eliminate the risk of discomfort or medication.

When a woman is well prepared for childbirth and when body and mind are in harmony, nature is free to function in the beautiful way the body intended.

You will be fascinated when you watch the HypnoBirthing® films, where mothers are awake and in a good mood during the birth process. While they experience a calm, relaxing birth, which is also possible with you when you are confident. Without fear that causes tension and pain.

Through self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques and visualization, HypnoBirthing® teaches you to gain confidence in your body and to work with it. It teaches you to use the art of your natural birth instinct. As nature intended.

You will not be in a trance or asleep. You are fully alert, in control but wonderfully relaxed.

Thousands of women have used this technique and philosophy to create a relaxed birth and a beautiful birth of their child.
You too can achieve this!