HypnoBirthing works!

So nice and beautiful ­čÖé to read the message below from one of my students:

A cake! our family had something to celebrate again! Loen is 9 months and that should of course be celebrated. Loen has grown into a stubbornly enterprising impatient cute little princess. Our Loen crawls through life with two teeth. Sleeping is for weaklings so she does not do that during the day and alone is also alone, so she prefers to play or sleep with a brother, sister, father or mother. Loen also has the nickname “Plakkie”. Even if mommy has to work, she’s sitting on her lap, she now knows very well how mac books & iphones work. Loen loves food and eats all meals with us. Her impatience sometimes gets in the way, eating cutlery is quite slow, so we always start obediently with a spoon and fork, but in the meantime she grabs hands and feeds herself, let’s hope this doesn’t become a habit.

We have been promised a calm, satisfied relaxed baby through the pregnancy course Hypnobirting … can we complain somewhere?

After 4 beautiful pregnancies and 4 far too long and far too painful deliveries, we started looking for a method to give birth a little bit painless, how nice it would be to have a party on the way to birth!

On the internet we found a wonderful story about hypnobirting, through self-hypnosis, breathing techniques and visualization you learn to work with your body. By using your natural birth instinct you will experience a calm, relaxing delivery, I want that too! (read: allergic to rest and relaxation)

We approached Karlijn Brouwer from www.mooigeboorte.nl and with her we had 4x 4-hour sessions at our home in which we learned relaxation techniques (for which I hopelessly failed) beautiful birth videos (yes, they also seem to exist instead of standard horror movies) and wonderfully spent 4 hours together with Loen and the delivery. Besides that hypnobirthing actually makes a lot of sense, it was nice to experience and experience everything with your partner. Hypnobirthing you do together, the moment you threaten to panic, the intention is that your partner will help you with your breathing techniques so that you can relax again and offer space for contractions (which are not called contractions, by the way)

We were all set, rented a delivery pool and were ready for the hypnobirthing experience. Unfortunately, at the last minute, I became a medical, day childbirth bath! Fortunately, the boys organized a pool party on the roof terrace a few times, so the bath wasn’t for nothing.

Music helps relax, so tons of music downloaded in iTunes. When the contractions started, the bath was still on the roof terrace of the pool party the day before. I decided to take a bath in the bathroom, hubby took care of the candles and the 2 big daughters for the music (Michael Jackson) and the toast with goodies. In the bath, the learned breathing techniques were performed and as soon as I was not focused for a while, my hubby returned to breathing, very annoying but it worked!

After a few hours, we unfortunately had to go to the hospital for the last few steps, but when we arrived the digestion turned out to be 9 cm! and that without complete panic and terrible pains! It is great that Loen was born that way! a wonderful experience.

Karlijn did a great job, I can recommend her and HypnoBirthing to everyone!


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