“Karlijn is passionate, super involved and has an infectious enthusiasm. She is professional in the course. She is flexible in her approach, is open to questions but in the meantime knows how to keep a close eye on time.

The method of HypnoBirthing® helped me during my son’s birth to stay in control and keep relaxing, so I could easily cope with the contractions. It went very quickly and I can look back on a very beautiful birth! ”

– Katarina Temme Pidcock –

“A wonderful experience richer! My wife has given birth to a satisfied man. Full of confidence, with great pleasure and nice and relaxed. Together with my wife I experienced a special pregnancy and delivery time.

This is really something I can wish for “future” parents and babies. A beautiful birth. ”

– Frans Standaar –

“I can recommend the HypnoBirthing® course to everyone. It is a course where you learn to trust yourself, nature and your body. It offers practical tools for relaxation and trust. Karlijn gives this course in a very nice, natural way. Full of passion, with feeling and from own experience. ”

– Sarah & David –

“Thanks to the HypnoBirthing® course, we can look forward to everything with more confidence and peace! That alone is an absolute benefit for us. The breathing exercises are certainly of added value.”

– Melissa & Jeroen –

“Sweet, committed and dedicated teacher who works from her heart.”

– Bas & Boukje –

“Enthusiastic teacher! I really like the flow that I ended up in. The approach and mindset suits me very well. Now very relaxed and without fear. Just feel like it!”

– Myung –

“Every pregnant woman should follow this course. It is an incredibly beautiful and calming belief that we, our body and our unborn child, are perfectly capable of taking place together completely naturally and in birth. Very powerful. Karlijn is excellent at insure this conviction. ”

– Debbie –

“HypnoBirthing® gives you practical tips to be spiritually ready and to go into birth in peace, together with your partner and your child.”

– Esther & Marninx –