The Benefits of HypnoBirthing®

Wherever you want to give birth HypnoBirthing® has a lot to offer.

• A close bond is already created between mother, child and partner, even well before birth.

• Brings through the fear-tension-pain complex and provides a positive, beautiful and conscious experience.

• The relaxation of the mother has a positive effect on the baby during pregnancy.

• Together with your partner you have control throughout the entire process.

• Through specific relaxation techniques, your body ensures the production of endorphins, which thereby reduce the pain.

• Reduces the risk of hyperventilation, due to calm breathing.

• A good oxygen supply for the baby during delivery and at birth.

• Increases the chance of intact perineum.

• Ensures you will not get tired during delivery. You remain energetic until the end of birth and afterwards.

• Shorten delivery time.

• Faster recovered after delivery.

• A happy and relaxed baby.

• Partners play an important role during the course as well as in the delivery process and can mean a lot to their wives.

• Turn birth into a beautiful, special event in your life.